Athletics & Wine

You might think there isn’t a whole lot in common between athletics and wine, but we think the two go hand-in-hand. There is passion, teamwork, discipline, dedication, and of course victory. From scoring the game-winning touchdown to getting the honor of a 100 point wine from Robert Parker, world-class athletes and world-class winemaking share a lot of these wonderful qualities with the constant quest to be the best. From the locker room, vineyard, tailgate or office we hope you embody the Play Like A Champion Today mindset.


In our quest to find the right soul of our wine, we got in touch with World Class Winemaker, Jean Hoefliger. Jean Hoefliger is a man with a quixotic mission: He is inspired and driven by the quest for creative perfection while knowing full well that it can never be achieved. An artisan who has always been motivated to push the envelope, he relies on a commitment to constant scientific research matched by an open-minded, entrepreneurial creativity. Jean has consulted all over the world bringing his passion to: Monteverro in Tuscany, Grapeheart in Suisun Valley, V. Vineyards in Sonoma County, and The Debate, Clark-Claudon, Decades 5, Theorize, Sunshine Valley, MR Michel Rolland, AXR and Hill Family Estate all from Napa Valley.

About Our Wines

With Play Like a Champion Today wine, we share the vision of bringing the best quality possible at the very best price. We have been able to utilize the relationships Jean has created around the world to find the most exciting and fun-loving vineyards that exhibit what we believe are outstanding wines for everyday consumption. Play Like a Champion Today wine brings the perfect combination of acid, fruit and most importantly a sense of their origin.